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Mountain Bike Instruction & Coached Rides

What sort of Bike do I need?

Rides are predominantly off road (95%+) - although on occasion some tarmac will be utilised to connect trails. All riders must be aware that we strongly recommend a bike that is designed for off-road use with tyres that are suitable for such use. All riders are responsible for the condition of their own bike. If our guides deem a riders bike to be too poorly maintained that may affect either the riders safety or ability to keep up with the pace of the group they may be asked to either join a less challenging group or return at a later date when the necessary repairs or upgrades have been made. Guides will go through a pre-ride bike check with all riders and can offer some assistance on small. mechanical requirements tweaking gears, brakes etc, in an effort to ensure on-route breakdowns are kept to a minimum. These requirements and checks are made to enhance the safety of group members and to ensure that the group spends as much time riding the trails and less time waiting for group members to mend their steeds once underway.

Can I hire a bike?

YES We have a fleet of  bikes waiting for action. Our hire fleet of above entry level hardtails were chosen to meet the rigours of the Surrey Hills and have been recently rated by mountain bike magazines as the best in their category. Plush front suspension and hydraulic disk brakes make for a safe and comfortable ride. Reserve a bike when you book and we’ll include all the necessary essential kit as well. Your wheels will be ready and waiting when you arrive. You cant hire better bikes in the area and the best bit ….you don’t even have to clean it afterwards.

What do I need to bring apart from a Bike?

Apart from an off road specific bike in good working order with suitable tyres there are certain other items necessary for enjoying your day. Some are deemed so ESSENTIAL to your safety and enjoyment that without them you will not be allowed to join the group ride be it an open group ride or private group ride. Other items listed below are ADVISORY only.


1. Helmet – A Cycle specific helmet that conforms to current safety standards and fits you.
2. Cycle Gloves – Cycle gloves make the ride more comfortable and offer vital protection in the event of an unexpected dismount. They can be purchased from any reputable bike dealer and are an inexpensive part of kit that will no doubt prove a worthy investment in the course of time.
3. Bottle Carrier and Bottle / Hydration Pack – It’s thirsty work and a good supply of liquids is essential to your enjoyment of the day not to mention your well being. Most routes will include drinks breaks at local retailers but these are few and far between so carrying some of your own refreshment is a must. Nearly all frames are designed to accommodate a bottle carrier which if not fitted is very cheap to acquire.
4. Suitable attire – This is a highly energetic activity and the bikes have moving parts, trailing petty coats or those favourite flares will not suffice. Come dressed for the job in hand, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt will do in the Summer although a mid layer and a waterproof jacket are advisable even then. Either side of Summer something a little warmer and up to the task of taming the elements will be required. Preferably cycle specific waterproof clothing and breathable layers underneath.
5. Spares – A spare inner tube is the fastest and most reliable way to fix a flat. If you don’t have one when you arrive you must purchase one from our guides before we set off. Although the price of our tubes is highly competitive (£3) bringing your own makes a lot of sense. Hire bikes come with one spare tube, f.o.c should you need it.
6. A spirit of adventure and sense of humour. (No Exceptions)


1. Snacks / energy bars -You’ll be burning the energy and and couple energy bars or snacks along the way could make the difference between finishing with ride comfortably and ‘bonking’ on the final climb.
2. A Change of clothes – We would advise a change of clothes. Although sitting in pub, car or on a train dripping wet with a sodden Chamois wrapped around your groin is a unique feeling it is yet to achieve a ‘ life’s little pleasures ‘ rating. It is important Summer or winter to think beyond the end of the ride and a little about your journey home.
3. A little loose change – A cup of tea at the Tower or a post ride beer either way you may find some of the readies useful and more widely accepted than more modern forms of payment. Cards are however accepted by nearly all the local Pubs and restaurants.

As well as a bike can I Hire any of the required equipment?

Yes – but only at the time of booking. Helmets, Gloves, and a limited number of Hydrapacks can be hired. Spare tubes can be purchased before your ride but our guides wont carry an unlimited supply

When do you ride?
Private Group Rides operate year round anytime, any day (subject to availability of Guides.) To set the wheels in motion simply drop us an e-mail to . Let us know when you want to ride, the size of your group and an idea of your groups technical ability and fitness, easier than riding a bike!
Open Group Rides operate year round where conditions allow. For a full schedule of ride dates please follow the link. Once you have decided which date you wish to join us simply drop us an e-mail . We will contact you to confirm your booking.
Please note that all Open Group Rides are subject to minimum booking numbers

Do I need to Book in advance?

Yes Yes Yes – Call or e-mail to book your place, ideally a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. The more notice we have the more specifically we can tailor rides to client requirements. If you are planning to join an open group ride the earlier you can confirm the better. Payment should be made at the time of booking. Payment details will be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail.

What Happens if I have to cancel my booking?

Because spaces are limited and rides are, more often than not, fully booked you’ll only receive a full refund if you cancel 5 or more days before your ride is booked. Refunds are not offered for cancellations within 5 days of your ride date (except in exceptional circumstances). Sorry but we need this time to re-sell your place.

How do we get to you?

The Surrey Hills are accessible by road and rail. Travelling time from London should be less than an hour.

By Rail:

Gomshall is the closest Railway Station and private group rides can be tailored to leave from here if numbers permit. If not we can organise pick ups although we must know in advance. The fitter of you may prefer to use the 10 minute tarmac bash to Peaslake as a warm up! Gomshall is a 10 minute train ride from either Guildford or Dorking Stations and Direct from Reading and Redhill in slightly longer. Where British Rail’s timetable does not co-ordinate with our own we can offer pick up and returns from Dorking station. There is a small fee for this. Click link for National Rail Enquiries.

By Road:

From London head for Guildford on the A3 leave at Burpham and follow the signs for Dorking. Or take the A24 to Dorking and follow A25 towards Guildford. Either way turn off the A25 in Gomshall and follow the road to Peaslake. All sessions start form Pedal and Spoke in Peaslake Gu5 9RR, this is directly opposite the Hurtwood Inn hotel which is served by brown tourism information road signs from Gomshall. Please avoid parking in the village centre. There is a friends of the Hurtwood car park 300 meters past the shop and roll on down with your bike to the shop. Your confirmation e-mail will include instructions of how to get here. Click link for Streetmap.

How fit do I need to be?

Our Open Group rides are graded to cater for a range of fitness levels and abilities. But to get the most out of our level 1 rides you need to be used to taking some form of exercise on a semi-regular basis and as you rise through the levels you will be expected to be capable of more and more. Private Group Ridescan be tailored to cater for any level of fitness. Particularly useful if you are technically capable and want to attack some of the steeper descents but aren’t up to the pace of a level 4 ride. Or if you are as fit as a butchers dog but are new to the sport we can organise a longer but less severe route designed to build your confidence and push you to new levels.

What Happens if my Bike breaks?

Some repairs can be dealt with trail side and our guides will assist you as far as possible. If repair is impossible you are never far from support. Sometimes this may involve a short push but our support vehicles can usually get to a road within a short hop of the trailside.

What happens if it rains?

In a nutshell – you’ll get wet and muddy. Rides are not cancelled for bad weather except in extreme conditions where an unacceptable risk is presented.

Who is responsible for my safety?

You Are. Our instructors will show you the way and continually assess the appropriatenss of riders to to the trails ridden but if at anytime you feel out of your depth let the guide know and they will offer an easy-out or alternative route. Instructors will offer advice as to riding technique but cant ride the bike for you. It must be remembered at all times that Mountain Biking is a potentially dangerous sport and over-confidence has it’s price. Your guides all bear scars testament to the fact that as with all love a love of mountain biking can hurt . That said most unintentional partings from your bike will result in nothing worse than few bruises and scratches – not even a scar worthy of showing your mates back home!

How good is the riding in the Surrey Hills?

If you need to ask you need to come and if you’ve been here before you’ll already know. By the time you leave us you’ll be in no doubt as to why the Surrey Hills have become a mountain Bike Mecca. From long gliding woodland trails to gnarly, rooted and chalky descents we have enough down here to keep you busy for the rest of your riding life.

How can I contact you?

Via the site link ‘contact us‘ or call on 07976353963